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Blue J Art Club

18 Apr

Since fall of 2012, I have been helping with Judy’s Blue J Art Club – art classes for kinder through 5th graders. It’s been an inspiring learning experience for us, watching these kids work and play, helping them collaborate, and seeing what they come up with! It’s often beyond our imagination. Here are a few recent highlights…

Beetle Art

We made beetle art! Beginning with a black oil pastel line drawing, a chalk pastel background, and watercolor for the body, these kids came up with some beautiful, jewely bugs.

Group Mural

Collaboration is a big deal in Blue J Art Club. The kids did a giant, loose painting that we used for a later project.

LOVE Screen-Print

After the kids finished the mural, Judy had the idea to cut up the mural and help the kids screen-print “LOVE” on top. Great Mother’s Day gift!

Crazy Liam

It’s always fun!

– Hannah

Inside Judy’s Studio

2 Apr

I began working for Judy Paul in 2010. My experience had been in the art gallery world, but I felt I was stepping into new territory when I entered Judy’s studio for the first time. It was a creative wonderland: colorful paints of all types, a library of collage materials, a screen-printing station, and at least 3 paintings in the works. She hired me to be her assistant, focused on print-making and taking care of necessary details, so she could focus more on painting. This was the second layer of amazement – not only had Judy created a life about art, she had created her own business, and almost all of it happened right in her home.

Now, three years later, the studio has evolved. The magic of her paintings has expanded through her experiments with new processes, and her business of selling paintings and prints continues to make it possible for many levels of art lovers to own creative works. Last fall, we even began hosting Blue J Art Club, Judy’s art program for elementary school kids.

I’ve been inspired to live a more creative life by knowing Judy. This blog is a peek into what’s happening in and out of her studio, because inspiration should be shared.



Judy working in her home studio.